Sunday, November 30, 2008

Interview Questions - Part 2

“Do you have any IT (Information Technology) qualifications?”

Sample Answer(s)

Answer 1
Yes, I took a computer applications module for two semesters in college. It’s helped give me a better knowledge of how computers, operating systems and a wide range of software packages work. I’ve been able to apply this knowledge when tackling problems.

Answer 2
I haven’t had the opportunity to take any formal IT training yet. However, I’ve used computers extensively at every job I’ve had and I’m very much at home using a word processor, spreadsheet, database and project management software. I have a computer at home too which I use to track my family’s finances and to access the Internet. I’m very comfortable using computers.

Advice from the recruitment consultant

This is a straightforward question but following the principle of selling yourself, make sure not to answer with a simple Yes or No. You’ll waste a great opportunity.

If your answer is Yes then describe, briefly, your qualification and how it has helped you in your career. However if you have had no formal financial qualifications you can still impress the interviewer by describing your on the job training such as being responsible for the budget of a project or even balancing the household budget.

“What has been you favorite job?”

Sample Answer(s)

It’s hard to pick a single favorite job because there’s been aspects of every job that I’ve enjoyed, each for different reasons. My ideal job would involve working in a challenging environment for an ambitious, forward-moving company. I get most satisfaction from a job well done, and from contributing to the success of a progressive organization.

Advice from the recruitment consultant

Your answer can lead to trickier questions such as ‘If it was so good, why did you leave the job?’ and ‘What was your worst job?’. Your answer will also cause the interviewer to use your favorite job as an indication of your demands and expectations of any new job. A better answer could involve selecting your favorite aspects of a number of jobs. Alternatively you could highlight the features of your ideal job.

Remember even though the question seems to refer to your job history, the interviewer is in fact trying to find out more about you. However you answer the question make sure to promote yourself as best you can.

“If offered to you, how long do you plan to stay in this role?”

Sample Answer(s)

I approach every new job with a long-term view. I would like to think that I can make a positive contribution to XYZ Corp for the foreseeable future.

Advice from the recruitment consultant

Recruiting, hiring and training a new employee is an expensive process and represents a major investment by an employer. The interviewer wants to ensure that your goals are compatible with the firm’s investment.

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